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Claim back your living space!

The BatBox makes use of dead space which is readily available but normally unusable; it provides you with a huge storage area while still allowing normal use of your parking bay.

The BatBox is essentially a large, secure container, which is installed in covered vehicle parking areas, including garages, carports and communal vehicle parking areas (residential apartment blocks, holiday resorts, office blocks, shopping malls, etc.).

In its simplest and most effective format, it is suspended from the concrete ceiling in a basement/communal vehicle parking garage (hence the name 'BAT'-box). The container is installed in such a way as to allow the normal parking of a vehicle in the same parking bay, but with the engine-cover of the vehicle (up to the front windscreen) underneath the protruding and suspended platform (the floor section).


The front panel of the unit is a 2.3m wide door, which opens unassisted on pressurized gas-lifts. This large opening allows easy access when storing large items like bicycles or camping equipment.