Build to last!

The BatBox is assembled on site during the installation process. All panels are manufactured out of electro-galvanized, plastic (polyester) coated steel , and come standard in an attractive off-white colour with an embossed texture.

This material conforms to the highest international standards, and we are able to guarantee it against corrosion (ask your dealer for warranty details).

The floor section has an imbedded heavy-duty, galvanized steel frame, which gives the unit the strength to carry the specified weight (1000kg). The panels fit securely into each other and are fastened on-site. The whole front panel forms a hinged door, which opens on pressurized gas lifts. The door closes over two locking brackets which are fastened to the floor section, and which allows the owner to lock the unit.

The sides and the door panel has galvanized steel covering plates, which protects the paintwork around the edges, the locks and the aluminium handle, from scratches, as well as add to the aesthetic appeal of the unit as a whole.

A lanyard is attached to the lower inside of the door. When the door is open this lanyard provides an easy grip. When the door is shut the lanyard serves as a parking indicator.