No walls required!

BatBox is unique in that it doesn't require walls to be installed; it hangs from the ceiling like a bat.

Each installation is performed by a professionally trained installation team giving you peace of mind.

The process takes less than 2 hours and requires that the BatBox is anchored to the ceiling (mechanically or chemically) and the complete structure suspended to a height above the level of the vehicle engine-cover.

This method of overhead suspension is quick and economical , and is the preferred method where installation takes place in communal parking areas (where there are adjacent parking bays), as there are no pillars to obstruct/hinder the turning-in line (sweep) of a vehicle being parked. Multiple-unit installations are regularly done.

However, alternative installation methods can be devised on a case by case basis. E.g. where the roof structure is not a cement slab and may not support the weight of the container plus load, or where there are obstacles such as vents or overhead structures (water pipes, electricity cables, ventilation shafts, etc.), which prevent the anchoring of the threaded bars in the ceiling. In such cases additional overhead brackets are fitted according to the engineering specs designed for this purpose. More complicated, customised installation methods and support structures can be devised on a case-by-case basis, including customisation of the structures in order to facilitate electricity points, lights, extraction fans, etc.

The rear of the unit is attached to a back wall (if required), for added stability and strength (special heavy-duty steel brackets are supplied for this). Thus in total, there are minimal drilling required.

All surfaces are carefully scanned for the presence of steel reinforcement, post-tension cables, water pipes and electrical cables before any drilling takes place.

It is important to note that when the unit is removed at a later stage, the only visible signs left behind would be 4 small (15 x 54mm) holes in the ceiling.